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The website http://hanoiantravelservice.com is set up to provide to clients the information on our services and useful one on our operation destinations. In the other hand, it is on purpose of increasing our image and trade mark.

The Website provides the online services on tours and transportation throught out Vietnam. All services are made directly online through the booking form or by telephone, fax or email…

All information is deducted from the company’s profiles and other credible resources in order to provide to clients the useful information for the voyage. We contact to all our service collaborators to confirm all the time about the information that we published.

The language is English and Vietnamese. English is not our mother. We try our best to provide you the good content in correct meanings, any way, it still occurs the errors, we agree with clients, especially the clients who are also not native, to discuss and meet the needs of each other so that we can organize a perfect voyage with us.

We guarantee that the personal that the information you provide when booking is used only for our booking management and not for other purposes which violate you.

In order to show to clients the evidences on our good quality, we publish on this site some feedback given by our clients after their voyages with us. We assume that not to publish the feedbacks which are required to keep secret.

We are not responsible of the information, images, data which are used by the thirst party who collect, transform and use for illegal purposes.

When using this site, you guarantee that the legal usage. You have no right to use any information, images, data… any other else and any where to transform them and diffuse illegally by this it is negatively influence on our development and on the country. You don’t dispossess the information, images, and data for your own that cause the conflicts of copyright.

When you use this information, images, data outside Vietnam, you assume not to use and transform them for purpose to against the Vietnamese Government.

This website is linked to some other ones which are not under our management; we are not responsible of the usage conditions, the legality of these websites. You should refer to theirs own “terms of use” to know more. These terms of use are applicable only for this website and not for the other ones.

We are not responsible for any harmful effects on your computer or data cause by the thirst party when you access to this website. All suggestions and advises are welcome to send to Hanoian Travel Service (HANSERVI)

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